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Having lived in Asia,Africa,Caribbean,USA and Europe I have been living in India for the past 18 years. I shoot Nikon but not a big deal(I just happen to like Nikon). Spent time and energy on photography in the late 60's to early 80's. Took up digital about five years ago(Jun 2007). I started shooting birds in Jan. 2008 and enjoy getting out and getting some exercise trying to shoot them.

I find that I have more time at this point in life. The entire family enjoys photography. Madam Poco Loco has more civic responsibilities/uses for photography and any videos which eventually appear here will be hers.

A.J. now has his own Nikon D200, D5100 and Nikon P-80 and is starting to really enjoy photography and posting his photos. He is also using the D40x, D300 and D700!

Madam just got a D90 so shooting the D40x and D90 instead of borrowing my D300!

Having recently acquired the Olympus EM5 and the EP3 the entire family is enjoying getting to know and using the smaller cameras. A.J. , in particular, is loving the filters and touch screen of the EP3. He is also finding the D5100 a geat little camera and , in many ways, an up-grade to his D200 , the D300 and D40x :) .

A.J. and I are now working on a project to document the very rapid changes taking place in Goa. Trying to catch some of the rapid disappearing customs, natural beauty, everyday things in life which come with modernization, developement and progress.
I hope you enjoy the photos and always remember that we are La familia Poco Loco.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Crticism/Hints on improving my photography are HIGHLY sought after!

TAJA is all of La familia Poco Loco except for; Vico, the dog ....Billycat, the cat and Drake, the rabbit. We don't have names for the snakes, too many and they keep changing :)


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